305 Washington Street
New Britain, Connecticut

Ministry Groups

The people of God express a commitment to Christ through practical Stewardship. Each member is encouraged to become a steward of the parish. A number of ministries now actively function while the Lord guides us into new forms of service. 


Parish Council
Together with the Parish Rector, the elected members meet monthly to plan and apply the decisions of the parish in community, charity, and financial matters.

Parish Cemetery
The Trustee-Chairman, Parish Warden and Vice Warden together with the Parish Rector shall constitute the Cemetery Trustees and administrators of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cemetery.

Our choir participates in all services. We welcome new voices. Music is selected from various liturgical backgrounds under the direction of Christopher Dresko.

Readers build up the faithful by reading the Holy Scriptures and appointed prayers during worship. See Choir Director Chris Dresko if you are interested in being a church reader.

Altar Servers
Our services are blessed with the involvement of those who assist the priest before and during all services. Men and boys participate as candle bearers. Also, young ladies assist with the bread and wine after communion.

Church School
Classes for children under the direction of Gladys Labas, Superintendent and Rachel Santoro, Teacher are held once a month 8:30 - 9:15 before Divine Liturgy. Check calendar for schedule. Former Church School Teachers

Prosphora Bakers
The preparation of prosphora is an essential ministry in any Orthodox parish. It is a great blessing to bake the bread that will be offered as the body of Christ. Ellen Santoro has taken on this responsibility. Any faithful member can be added to this group of stewards. Please see Fr. David is you can help.

Greeters welcome both visitors and the faithful into worship and for fellowship.  Parishioners are encouraged to participate by adding their name to the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.

Cleaners (Facility Stewardship)
Each family is called upon to help clean, maintain, and add to the beauty of the church and fellowship hall. Parishioners are encouraged to participate by adding their name to the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.

Fellowship - Coffee Hour 
Immediately following Sunday Divine Liturgy, has become a time of true fellowship for all members of the parish as well as guests who regularly join us. ???  is the coordinators and maintain the schedule for those who host cofee hour.

Parish Library
Donated books, CDs, and tapes on Orthodox subjects are part of our lending library. Members are invited to sign out items and return them in a timely manner.