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New Britain, Connecticut
Welcome to Our Parish!

Welcome to the web site of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, a pan-Orthodox community that has served central Connecticut for over 100 years. Our church is a parish of the Diocese of New England of the Orthodox Church in America. We warmly welcome all who are searching for a church that is in unchanging continuity with the Church of the Apostles and where they may find the purity of the Apostolic Faith.

If you would like to worship with us, this site will provide our service schedule, monthly calendar and upcoming events. While you browse our website please click on the link to the right and listen to Ancient Faith Radio. Many other parish resources are also available.

Please feel free to join us for any or all of our services!



Saturday: Great Vespers 5:00pm
Sunday: Divine Liturgy 9:00am

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5th Sunday of Great Lent: St Mary of Egypt

March 29


Troparion — Tone 8


The image of God was truly preserved in you, mother,

for you took up the Cross and followed Christ.

By so doing, you taught us to disregard the flesh, for it passes away,

but to care instead for the soul, since it is immortal.

Therefore your spirit, holy mother Mary, Rejoices with the angels!


Kontakion — Tone 3

Having been a sinful woman,

you became through repentance a Bride of Christ.

Having attained angelic life,

you defeated demons with the weapon of the Cross

Therefore, most glorious Mary, you are a Bride of the Kingdom!

Link to the life of the saint.

Daily Scripture Readings

Upcoming Services / Schedule

Monday, March 30th
7:00 Parish Council mtg.
Wednesday, April 1st
5-5:30 Confession
6:10 Presanctified Liturgy
Soup & Bread
Friday, April 3rd
3:00 Confession
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Current Events

Metropolitan TIKHON

Link to Official Statements page of His Beatitude, Metropolitan TIKHON.


Metropolitan Tikhon remembers Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko.

Official web site

of the

18th All American Council

July 20 - 24, 2015

Ancient Faith Radio

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The local Church is the living Body of Christ (1Cor 12:27) that serves to live, uphold, and preach the Faith as delivered by Christ,
taught by the Apostles, and preserved in the Holy Scriptures and Tradition of the Holy Orthodox Church. We accomplish this mission by

•    participation in liturgical worship,
•    partaking of the spiritual life and sacraments of the Church,
•    sharing in Christian fellowship as a eucharistic community,
•    providing for education of the Faith,
•    engaging in philanthropy,
•    being wise stewards of our time, talents, and properties and,
•    being Christ’s ambassadors (2Cor 5:20) to the world in manifesting His love, presence, and preaching.